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Network Infrastructure Solutions

We offer consultation services concerning computer networks, internetconnection, and
server administration. As a part of the complete careof your network, we will design an
optimal layout, build the physicalconnection (including small constructional adjustments),
and provide aprofessional technical support.
For references, feel free to contact us at - info@3k-technology.com

Server administration and maintanance

We will happily set up and install an internet server running e-mail (including antivirus and antispam service), www, ftp, remote connection into the private network, and more services desired by the customer.

For more demanding applications we offer serverhosting. For security reasons, we prefer solutions built on a quality Unix system FreeBSD. We offer remote server administration, which includes regular updates, hardware troubleshooting, and user configuration.

For references, feel free to contact us at - info@3k-technology.com

Creating professional web presentations and internet businesses

We offer to create static or dynamic web presentations, e-business or information systems. We always respect the requirements of our clients and create products, meeting in the best way our clients' requirements.

Some examples of our finished projects are to see in our references.

Furthermore, we offer a graphic adjustment and update of your current web sites.


To ensure the maximum reliability we offer placing your web presentation on a server connected to a back-bone network. This way the fastest possible accessibility and high availability is secured.

The server is powered by a back-up unit of electric power (UPS) and the data are backed up every day on a secondary server.

We guarantee the registration and maintenance of the your domains.

Our web-hosting services include:

  • 500MB free space for your presentation

  • possibility of using the programming language PHP 4/5

  • access to MySQL database engine

  • 20 e-mail accounts including a domain basket
  • possibility of sending e-mails via our SMTP server with secured access

  • possibility to read your e-mails via web interface

  • detailed statistics of access to your web-sites, a demonstration can be seen here

We'll be happy to fulfill all of your possible special requirements.